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Christmas Holidays (by ShaleeDP)

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Celebrate the Christmas holidays with sumptuous and creative dishes that your family will surely love. Recipes from around the globe are available to satisfy your taste palette! Happy Holidays!


Appetizers & snacks

Great appetizers are here to revv up your taste buds and get the appetite going. Try out some of the delightful recipes that will make you feel like Christmas!

Main dish

Christmas meal is never complete without the holiday ham! It is the star of the Christmas dinner. Find different types of Christmas ham that will fit your taste.


Delectable desserts are always present in anyone's Christmas meal. It makes the holidays complete! Try out several dishes that will leave you wanting for more!


Fresh and leafy is what makes a salad very good. Serve your loved ones a fresh salad with a twist that they will enjoy. Find salads recipes here which they haven't tried before.
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