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Super Bowl Party! (by John Spottiswood)

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Great food is key to a great Superbowl party. You want lots of snacks and munchies, as well as something interesting and filling for the main dish We typically like to choose a consistent food them. Since Mexican food and Middle Eastern food have lots of easy and tasty dips and snacks, and they go very well with beer, we often choose one of these. Our other standby is American BBQ and chili. Pick any of these three and you won't be disappointed!


Appetizers & snacks

Pick something easy to prepare and serve...and that doesn't need to be eaten hot.

Main dish

Since everyone will have filled up on the munchies, don't make the main dish a ton of work. Grilled meat or a pot of chili or stew should do the trick!
I know this sounds like a crazy combination, but this is really delicious. Take my word for it! Best carnitas I've made by far.
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  • Rocquie
    February 5, 2010
    Anyone should be able to plan a great party with your thoughtful list of options. Go Saints!


    • Elizabeth woodson
      February 6, 2010
      These look delicious! I just joined, so you may not know, but I have 2 Super Bowl menus with links to all the recipes on my blog, shindig411. Go Saints!

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