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Memorial Day Menu (by John Spottiswood)

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Here's a great selection of foods to eat on Memorial Day. Where I live Memorial Day is usually warm and sunny, so we like to spend it in a park or by the pool, and usually near a BBQ. If that's what you like too, you'll like the recipes below!

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  • The Mom Chef
    May 28, 2010
    Thanks for putting this listing together, John. Some of these look absolutely yummy (like the bourbon-bbq steaks).


    • judee
      May 17, 2015
      What an interesting round up for Memorial Day. The Mexican coleslaw and corn fritters sound amazing
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      • John Spottiswood
        May 20, 2015
        Thanks Judee - you should really try the corn fritters. They are tasty. The coleslaw is good too!
      • John Spottiswood
        June 1, 2010
        Great, Mary. Glad you found it useful!
        • May 29, 2010
          Thanks so much I now have my Memorial day menu all planed. Mexican stuffed jalapenos, cowboy caviar, Brazilian Chicken, stecky and sweet chicken wings and baked beans..
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        • JEH
          May 29, 2010
          Thanks a Million for these collection of recipes...we are going to be busy trying a few over the week end. Happy Memorial Day to you and your Family!
          • jessica warner
            May 28, 2010
            Can't wait to try a few of these this weekend! Thanks for making my Memorial Day menu easy.

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