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Australians use the term shallots to describe green onions, but to Americans, shallots are shaped like small brown onions with papery brown skins. They have a more delicate, garlicky flavor than other cooking onions, and are a common ingredient in French sauces. Many people find them too hot to eat raw. They're available year-round.

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Also known as

  • Green onion
  • Scallion
  • Bunching onion
  • Spring onion
  • Chinese onion
  • Stone leek
  • Cibol
  • Onion tops
  • Shallot tops
  • Young leeks


1 bunch = 1/4 pound = 1/2 cup sliced


green onions (white part only) OR onions (1 small onion = 3 shallots) + dash crushed garlic OR red onion OR green onions OR garlic
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