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This tan-skinned tuber has a mild, nondescript flavor, but a nice crunchy texture. It's a good, cheap substitute for water chestnuts in stir-fries. Since it doesn't discolor, it's also a great vegetable to serve raw on a crudité platter. Peel it before using.

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Also known as

  • Jícama
  • Yam bean
  • Mexican yam bean
  • Ahipa
  • Saa got
  • Chinese potato
  • Mexican potato
  • Chinese turnip


One jicama, cubed = 2 cups


water chestnuts (These are more expensive and sweeter than jicama. Like jicama, water chestnuts retain their crispiness when stir-fried.) OR Jerusalem artichoke ( Like jicama, these can be eaten raw and they stay crunchy even when stir-fried. They're more expensive than jicama, but they have an earthier, nuttier flavor.) OR tart apples OR turnips OR daikon radish
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