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Singapore's best hotel / bar - The Majestic Hotel

Mihir Shah
Mihir Shah June 3, 2008

If you can't stay here (it can get pricey), try the bar. The bar is actually divided into three floors representing a tree (or a forest - I really don't remember thanks to all the martinis). The first floor has the main bar and lounge with a green roof representing the roots of the tree. The second floor boasts a number of booths facing a DJ station with leaves on the walls. The third floor is open to the sky (when weather permits).

The martini menu is deep and really, really good. I really don't think about martinis when I think about Singapore - but this bar changed my mind. I tried about half the martini menu (hence my vague recollection of the room) and thought the Lychee Martini was the best - topped off with, as you guessed, two fresh lychees instead of olives.

The Hotel also has a really, really good chinese restaurant. Go for the whole fish (actually, always go for the whole fish in Singapore). Also had some kind of chili chicken which was amazing.

The 30 rooms are all designed uniquely - ask about their most requested room. I can't say the name on this site (my parents read what I write). You'll get it.

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