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This pastry cutter is the best ever - heavy, long wrap-around tines & a very comfy grip.

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A China Cap - not as fine a strainer as a chinoise or chinois. A wooden pestle is used to strain soups and juices, etc.
The Ricer - used to make mashed potatoes, for example, with more texture than whipping - and lump free. It works by extruding the vegetable when the flat plate on the upper handle is pressed down. Great for making gnocchi and hash browns.
by Gone
My most used tools in the kitchen. All-Clad 3 quart sauce pan, Wusthof 8" Santoku Knife,$3.00 pair of tongs, good ole wooden spoon, All-Clad large slotted turner, cutting board, all sitting on my dough table :-)
Juicer-comes in 3 sizes. This one is medium and works for lemons, limes and oranges. easy to reach and super easy to clean. Can't live without it
In 30 Years I am on my second 600 watt Kitchenaide mixer, nothing wrong with the first one, my son uses it. I use this everyday.. from cookies to mashing potatoes my favorite and best friend in the kitchen!
I love this Anchor brand mini-measure. Marked in Tbs, tsp, ml & oz. BIG time saver!
Replaced some bristle kitchen basting brushes - butter cleans easily and it is extremely flexible. Still use bristles for some things, though.
The injection syringe - a cross between a turkey baster and a vet's horse needle.
The needle is cut on a bias to let you inject all types of flavorings under the skin of poultry & fowl
This timer with meat probe has been a God-send in the busy kitchen.Just insert the probe into the roast, set the desired internal temp, then get busy with other things. It beeps annoyingly so you don't forget about the roast. Available at any kitchen supp
I finally, after many years, bought a rice cooker/veg steamer. What a time saver! I can't believe I went so many years without one.
Chinese steaming baskets
The Moroccan Tagine
Mexican 'Olla' - this one is lead-free glazed and used for slow cooking some of our bean dishes. (see recipe)
Japanese donabe
This is an old, well used Corn Grater used by my PA German grandmother, my mom, and me. It scrapes the corn kernels and liquid from the cob. I use it mostly to make little pancakes,
that we call corn fritters (see recipe).
The microplane - the modern all-purpose tool for grating, zesting & garnishing. Made in the USA - love it!
When, as they say, I "get my Martha on", I go to her heavy-gauge stainless steel UNBENDABLE measuring cups
This Hamilton-Beach ice cream scoop is a classic tool, still regularly used and without peer. I have had many scoops - none beat this one
The most dependable, best-made manual can opener available - by OXO, about $20. Never skips or slips or failed to open any size can. It locks shut for storage. The black bar at the top has a strong magnet and releases a lid when depressed.
Dumpling press. I bought it at a dollar store for 50 cents. It worked so well, and saved so much time and effort, that I went back and bought 5 more so that the whole family could help with the fun!
Making pot-stickers.
Finished product.
Mandolin to finely strip zucchini and long strands for salads I love it!
The Spider - indispensible for deep frying and Chinese cuisine
Shrimp de-veiner and sheller
A few of our whisks - Balloon or French, stiff or supple, each has it's place in my kitchen
The Straidle- a straining ladle
Canning & preserviing could not be easier than when we use our 30 qt. All American pc
This 8 qt. Fagor Elite (Spain) pc is a design masterpiece and does pounds of dried beans in no time
This is our baby - a 4 qt. Fagor Elite. These do double duty on the stovetop with their glass covers. Unbeatable!
I use it like I would a vegetable peeler, except it has teeth that cut the slice into julienne strips.
This is a julienne cutter. I use it to make a quick, attractive garnish for plated dishes.
A digital kitchen scale that measures in both US/Metric. One that can be zeroed out with a container on top before added ingredients is ideal. Great tool for baking when using weight formulas.
An instant read digital thermometer. Great for keeping stocks at a constant temperature for long periods of time. Nice for measuring internal temperature when baking as well.
Silpat mats. A must for baking. Nothing sticks to these things. Easier than parchment or spraying for almost anything going into the oven.
Fat separator - great when cooking duck, or goose, but works with all fatty meats. Pyrex.
For 'special guests' we bring out the Hellem Vaculator coffee maker. Classic, discontinued French perfection with Illy coffee.
Best poultry roaster ever invented: we use them for chicken, a larger version for turkey, and smaller version for cornish or game hens. Ceramic, hand crafted, roasts perfectly from both inside & out

If you do not have AT LEAST 1 motar & pestle - you are not equipt. I like brass, lava stone and marble, depending on what I need to break down..
My 1905 Rival Juice-o-Mat. Works perfectly, fast, easy, tough and way cool...
Three parts, quick assembly, easy cleaning - more than a century old.
I've cooked everything from soup to nuts harnessing the energy of the sun. Here the Sun Oven sits closed up on my garden cart.....
....opening the reflective shields allows the oven to heat up and man, does it get hot!
In pear season nothing beats a pear corer (at top left) with two curves at each end perfectly sized to scoop the core & strings out.
Victorio Strainer 200: OMGosh - where has this been all my canning life? A perfect job of separating seeds and skins from tomatoes. I haven't tried it with apples or other fruits yet but it's a dandy for tomatoes.

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