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Iodine Free Meals (by Katrina Leestma)

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If you are on a iodine free diet related to thyroid cancer-- I feel your pain. Having been recently diagnosed and then having to eat an iodine free diet prior to radioisotope treatment, I know what it's like to do you life AND eat meals that taste good.Many the iodine free diets on the internet leave out a lot. Here are some things I made that satisfied me& inspired me during a tough time.


Appetizers & snacks

Avocado with onion, cilantro, green hot chiles,tomatoes,lemon juice, salt( non iodized).Yum! spread on salt free matzos and you have a meal or eat with salt free blue corn tortilla chips ( see whole foods). I got really into almond butter. Nonsalted is actually delicious. Add honey and bananas on matzas or this really weird but ok bread at whole foods rice/almond bread ( int eh freezer). I made meat almost everynight --because I was starving!. Do whatyou normally do but up the taste with lots of garlic and yummy pan jiuces mixed with sherry or port simmered with onions. You will think you died an gone to heaven. Make your own dairy free salad dressing in your blender: lemon & garlic with olive oil and a light vinegar.Make huge salads with almonds, seeds,sprouts etc..shred carrots and beats on top. This will satisfy you. For breakfast: lots of oatmeal with fruit, maple syrup, nuts and seeds & cinnomen. For snacks: pop corn with curry powder & salt ( non iodized) and pepper. It's a good thing you can still have red wine!
Bon appetite & good luck!!!! It's a hard 2 weeks but you can do it!
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Helpful Tips

  1. Get creative and use a lot of spices and garlic. And try to remember you only have to do this for 2 weeks. You'll get through it!
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  • Ellobern
    January 18, 2011
    You're suggesting adding garlic for flavor? I think garlic contains iodine. My skin reacts to iodized salt, fresh seafood and garlic. In addition, I've seen it in writing that garlic contains iodine.
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    • February 17, 2011
      Yes Ellobern, garlic does contain iodine. However for the other readers who may be wondering if it is safe for their pre-radiation treatment diet (to raise TSH), it is trace amounts and not enough to worry about. Remember folks, the diet is a low iodine diet not a no iodine diet, use the cookbook, the food is pretty darned good - although the no dairy thing sucks...

      Iodine sources - Cookbook -


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  • tammy
    October 14, 2010
    I have had thyroid surgery for cancer and have been doing as close to no iodine as possible when I discovered that ghee was butter. Had no idea. I ate popcorn with coconut oil ghee. Does anyone know if ghee made from 100% grass fed cows has iodine?
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  • June 17, 2010
    I found some wonderful items that I can eat on my low-iodine diet at Trader Joe's, also. I made homemade peanut butter using their terrific unsalted blister peanuts by grinding the who bag of nuts in my Cuisinart until fine, then adding a little non-iodized salt, a little sugar & enough peanut oil to make it smooth....I really love it on apple slices or on matzoh with a bit of honey.

    Has anyone hear dwhether or not ghee (clarified butter, milk solids removed) is okay? I've heard yes AND doc wasn't familiar with ghee.
    • Loretta Williams
      June 4, 2010
      Great tips! Being on a no-iodine diet is really tough and these were some good ideas.

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