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Hoildays (by Angela Wissen)

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Holiday Meals


Main dish

slow cooked beef tips marinaded in sweet red wine, sweet onions and diced peppers and add medium braised sauce..simmer on medium 4 hours and serve with whole grain rice noodles.
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Helpful Tips

  1. use lean beef tips

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  • Angela Wissen
    November 3, 2011
    Made it before last Christmas ..was an execellent dish for the whole family .
    I've cooked/tasted recipes from this theme!
    • 1957
      April 28, 2018
      very good you my kind of girl...
      I've cooked/tasted recipes from this theme!
      This is a variation


      • 1957
        April 28, 2018
        1957 yr I was born. well sounds good for just with burgundy wine..
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