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FOOD DESIGN (by Brent Richards)

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Food presentation is an essential ingredient in any worthy gastronomic feast,typically this encompasses
colour, texture, arrangement,configuration and in the best cuisine, the added 'x' factor that of a stylist element , which we can term the 'cultural aesthetic'.
In addition, to what does it visually look like on the as a graphic display on the plate, the futurescape of food will be truly sensorial and multi-dimensional.That is to say it will be a experiential presentation,a play of all the senses from vision/taste/aroma/tactility/to even accoustics.( The sound of freshness, the crunch of crispiness,or the sensuousness of consumption.) Food design is fast evolving beyond the written recipe and into the realm of food notation, narrative,story telling and 3D gastronomic displays.
Welcome to the conceptual,abstract,figurative, constructive,minimal,for designing food as a creative act of interaction and pleasure.


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