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Solar Oven Pot Roast Recipe
by Global Cookbook

Solar Oven Pot Roast
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  Servings: 1


  • 1 x lean beef chuck or possibly similar roast (about 3 lbs), cut into 2 or possibly 3 chunks
  • 1 pkt dry onion soup mix


  1. Put the roast into a black pot ( I use "Granite Ware") or possibly use whatever you have in the way of a dark pot or possibly you can even use an oven cooking bag set into a pan or possibly skillet.
  2. Empty one package of dry onion soup mix over the meat, cover, and cook in the solar oven for 4 to 6 hrs or possibly till tender. You will not believe how good this is!
  3. Remember, you can vary this recipe with any thing which you like. I used this example because it is the simplest. The oven can be 200 to 250 F.
  4. [] The recipe author is the "I" referred to in the solar recipes. Not Spike. I, Spike, am only the thief. []