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Nut Orange Coconut amaretti style cookies Recipe
by Foodessa

Nut Orange Coconut amaretti style cookies

Tasty almond and coconut meringue type cookies with an aromatic orange flavour. Tender inside protected with a pleasant outer crunch.
No beater required.

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  Servings: 22 cookies


  • . > American / Metric measures <
  • . 1 cup (110g) Almond flour
  • . 1 cup (100g) raw walnuts (finely ground)
  • . 1/4 cup (25g) unsweetened coconut, shredded
  • . 1/2 cup (110g) granulated sugar
  • . 2 xLarge (80ml) egg whites (room temp.)
  • . 4 tsps. (20ml) pure Almond extract
  • . fine zest of 1 orange
  • Garnish:
  • . 11 raw almonds
  • . 11 Maraschino cherry halves
  • . NOTES: Whole almonds should be measured flush in the cup before grinding. Walnuts should be measured scant in the cup before grounding.


  1. . Pre-heat the oven to 350F/180C/Gas4. Prepare a large parchment lined baking sheet. Position rack in the center of the oven.
  2. . In a medium bowl, mix ALL ingredients until a combined paste is well formed.
  3. . Use a teaspoon or better yet...use a small #60 (melon ball size) ice-cream scoop to properly portion 22 cookies. Press the paste into the scoop, level and release.
  4. . Place them evenly apart onto a cookie sheet. Note: these cookies don't spread...they'll remain the same size.
  5. . Gently place and insert an almond and/or cherry on top of each cookie.
  6. . BAKE for 17 minutes. Remove the cookies from the oven and let them completely cool on the pan before transferring them onto a rack.
  7. . Serving and storing: These cookies will be ready to eat within the hour. They are best eaten in their crunchier state. Leave them uncovered in a plate for up to 5 days or freeze them into their original baking paper and into an airtight plastic freezer bag. They never freeze solid, therefore, get them out for about 15 minutes and they'll be ready to serve.
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