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Kukuye Gusht Recipe
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Kukuye Gusht
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  • Iranian omelet with vegetables and meat
  • 1 lrg onion
  • 1 stalk of leek (only use the white and light green parts)
  • 3 x - 4 spring onions
  • 1 lb grnd lean beef (best if you mince a nice piece of meat yourself)
  • 4 ounce (125 grams) minced spinach
  • 2 x parsley twigs, finely minced Salt and freshly grnd black pepper (from the pepper mill)
  • 1 Tbsp. cinnamon pwdr
  • 6 x Large eggs
  • 2 ounce (60 grams) butter


  1. Finely mince onions, saute/fry in 1/2 oz of butter, add in finely cut (in rings)
  2. leek and spring onions (cut into 1/8 inch - 5 mm) pcs. Separately brown grnd beefWhen vegetables are soft, add in grnd beef, spinach and parsley. Immediately season with cinnamon, salt and pepper. Let everything cold slightly. Beat Large eggs in a large bowl. Add in meet/vegetable mix to the Large eggs. Mix well. Heat remaining butter in a frying pan and wait till the butter turns slightly brown and has a nutty smell. Transfer the whole mix from the bowl to the frying pan and form one large patty. Fry for approx. 15 min on medium heat.
  3. Flip the patty over with the help of a large plate. The plate should just fit into the frying pan and cover the whole patty. Place to plate onto the patty
  4. (upside down), wear a kitchen mitten, hold onto the plate tightly and turn the frying pan and plate over (together). You now have the patty in the plate and can slide it back into to frying pan.
  5. Fry for another 10 - 15 min. Serve immediately (warm) with a side salad.
  6. Alternatively, you could bake one side of the patty under the infra red grill of your oven but leave the door open.
  7. Tricks:1. Use the freshest Large eggs you can find.
  8. When using fresh spinach, remove large leaves from stalk. Blanche very quickly in large, warm pan. Place spinach in sieve and press to remove excessive liquid before chopping. Of course you can use frzn, minced spinach as well.
  9. Onions and leek should be sauteed VERY SLOWLY to enable fruit sugar to caramelize.
  10. Should you bake the patty under the infra red grill of your oven, make sure to wear kitchen mittens!