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Italian Sausage Porto sauce Cheese roll Recipe
by Foodessa

Italian Sausage Porto sauce Cheese roll

Start a holiday event right with an inviting Italian sausage roll oozing with cheese.
Dijon mustard and Porto pair perfectly to add to the experience of opening appetites.

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  Servings: 4 persons


  • . > (American / Metric measures) <
  • . 2 large, mild Italian sausages, uncased
  • . 4 oz. (100g) melting cheese*
  • . 1 Tbsp. (15ml) e.v.Olive oil
  • . 1 Tbsp. (15ml) unsalted butter
  • . 1 Tbsp. (15ml) Dijon mustard
  • . 1/4 cup (60ml) Porto
  • .
  • . * Certain cheeses that pair well into this sausage roll: aged Cheddar, Emmental, Fontina, Havarti, Gruyere, Gorgonzola, Monterey Jack etc.


  1. . Use the meat part of the sausages and mix it until it all comes together tightly.
  2. . Place the meat onto a flat surface in order to pat and shape it into a rectangle. Respect a certain thickness in order to be able to later roll it into a cylinder.
  3. . In the center, leaving some space on the ends, place the cheese. Carefully make a tight roll by making sure that the cheese is well encased and that the sausage meat does not fall apart. Set aside.
  4. . In a small bowl, whisk together the mustard and Porto. Set aside.
  5. . In a shallow pan, heat both the oil and butter on MED-HIGH.
  6. . Seize the sausage on all sides. Pour the mustard-Porto mix over the sausages and let it cook only 30 seconds before removing the pan away from the heat. The rolls are done and they need to rest 10 minutes before cutting them into 12 pieces.
  7. . Serve with a drizzle of sauce over the sausage roll units to be placed on a bed of salad.
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