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1 large echalotte/shallot (if unavailable, half a red onion is great!), finely chopped
Salt (for the potatoes boiling water, otherwise as little as possible, as bacon and cheese will contain enough!)
Pepper, nutmeg. Foodies who like their food Indian-style may add a little powdered curry mix and chili pepper.
Olive oil: 2 large tablespoons
Ingredients Per Serving Qty Common Price Price per Serving
4 large potatoes 2 potatoes
$0.50 per pound
3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 1 1/2 garlic cloves
$4.00 per pound
Bacon (vegan and vegetarians, please skip this keeping in mind you will have to add a little salt)-1 large rasher cut in small pieces (half a cm square or half the size of your little finger nail, cut short!) 1/2 bacon
$2.99 per pound
Parmesan/Parmiggiano Cheese (vegans, please skip this or use alternative), freshly grated, 3 large tablespoons. 1/2 parmesan
Total per Serving $0.95
Total Recipe $1.90
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