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Gluten Free Breaded Mushrooms Recipe
by Abisaac Saraga

Today's gluten free recipe is from tonight's dinner. Tonight we made gfree pizza with salad and gluten free breaded mushrooms. One of the issues we struggle with is substitution gluten free ingredients for recipes, especially when it comes to recipes that bread crumbs or flour were involved.

Here is a breaded mushroom recipe without having to use expensive specialized flour mixes:

Indredients needed:

Small Pack of Mushrooms

1/4 cup Tapioca Starch (Found in the international foods aisle) (A small bag runs for maybe $2)

50 gr pack of Great Value Rice Crackers (Wal-Mart brand - labelled as Gluten Free, but any other rice cracker with no wheat/gluten free would work as well)*

Vegetable Oil

1 Egg

*Note: Wal-Mart has changed their packaging since we purchased this recent pack, and hense may have changed their ingredients. It is always recommended to look at ingredients or allergy warnings when packaging changes to be sure product ingredients have not changed.


Crumble rice crackers into processor, and run processor until rice crackers have crumbled down as far as possible.

I have found when breaking down the crackers, that they do not get nearly as fine as bread crumbs, but they do the job wonderfully!

Add coated mushrooms to pan and fry until golden brown.

Please let us know how this recipe works out for you!