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3 buri (Japanese amberjack or yellowtail) fillets
7 daikon radish cut into 2cm (0.7inch) thick round slices
4 slices of shoga (ginger root)
kome no togijiru (is a cloudy rice water that you get when you wash rice)
300cc dashi broth (using packaged dashi powder saves time)
100cc sake
50cc mirin (sweet sake)
50cc soy sauce
2 tbsp. mirin (sweet sake)
1 tbsp. mirin (sweet sake)
thin strips of shoga (ginger root)
mitsuba (trefoil) leaves cut into 3-cm (1-inch-) -long pieces
Ingredients Per Serving Qty Common Price Price per Serving
2 tbsp. sugar 2 teaspoons
$1.44 per pound
2 tbsp. soy sauce 2 teaspoons
$2.59 per 10 fluid ounces
1 tbsp. sugar 1 teaspoon
$1.44 per pound
Total per Serving $0.13
Total Recipe $0.38
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