CookEatShare Points

You earn CookEatShare points by adding content to the site that is useful for other users.
You get the following points for content that you add:

  • Completing your profile = 16+ points
  • Adding a Recipe = 2 points per recipe, 5 points for recipes entered on the site with a photo uploaded
  • Adding a Review = 3 points
  • Adding a Comment = 3 points
  • Adding a Group = 5 points
  • Joining a Group = 1 point
  • Adding a Theme = 5 points
  • Sending an Invite = 1 point
  • Following another chef who follows you back = 1 point

The main reward for adding content to CookEatShare is joy of sharing with and helping others. By collecting CookEatShare points, you may also periodically recieve gifts or rewards directly from CookEatShare to thank you for your contributions. Down the road, we hope to develop a more formal and consistent way of rewarding members for the points they earn.

If you have any questions or suggestions about CookEatShare points system, please send us your feedback