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Despite its name, this rice isn't sweet and it doesn't contain gluten. Instead, it's a very sticky, short-grain rice that is widely used by Asians, who use it to make sushi and various desserts. You can buy this as either white or black (actually a rust color) rice.

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Also known as

  • Glutinous rice
  • Sticky rice
  • Sweet rice
  • Chinese sweet rice
  • Waxy rice
  • Botan rice
  • Mochi rice
  • Japanese rice
  • Pearl rice


One cup dried rice yields two cups cooked rice.


risotto rice (works well in sushi) OR short-grain rice (This also works well in sushi, as long as you use white rice. Brown short-grain rice doesn't stick together as well.) OR medium-grain rice (Also good for sushi)
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