Help with a baking problem

Cupcake Vixen
Cupcake Vixen July 15, 2012

I use Crisco when I grease my pans along with flour and I never have a problem removing the cakes from the pan. I do have a problem moving them from plate to turntable/ cake board. They always crack! Would it work if I put them directly on a cake board when I remove them from the pan? The cakes are cooled and they are done, I just always have this problem

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Claudia lamascolo
Claudia lamascolo September 23, 2012 11:36
Re: Help with a baking problem

I flip mine onto a plastic plate lined with parchment paper and immediately place in the freezer. I did cake decorating for years and never had them crack. The other reason a cake will crack is not enough moisture or over baking. Try lowering the temperature in the oven 10 degrees. One other tip would be to use dream whip in the cake mix when mixing. Are they from scratch or a mix? Scratch cakes will need a certain blend of oils and liquids to keep from cracking even while baking before you flip them. Hope that helps.

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