plant your own lettuce in water or on your windowsill grow in 2 weeks!

Claudia lamascolo
Claudia lamascolo April 13, 2012

It takes only 15 to 20 days to grow butterhead lettuce, romaine or spinach on a windowsill.

1. Find a few long, narrow boxes. (The cardboard boxes that window blinds come in work well.)

2. Plant three long rows in each one, using a potting soil mix
3. Place boxes in a warm place, such as near a heating vent, just until plants sprout. Then move boxes to the windowsill; water and harvest. Most of your plants will look delicious in about 2 weeks and ready to eat in a few weeks!

To regrow from Stumps, buy Romaine lettuce, cut off the stumps place in cool whip empty containters add in 1/4 inch of water. Wait for the new shoots to grow... so inexpensive no pesticides... it will grow on your windows sills.

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