How to Keep Kitchen Towels off the Floor!

Salad Foodie
Salad Foodie December 21, 2011

For some time I've struggled withkitchen towels falling off the fridge or oven door handle and winding up on the floor. I've even threatened to safety pin them, but that's too tacky. Finally - a solution. Staples Bind-it Flags come several colors in a package of 24 for just a few dollars (check online for these first as they're not always stocked locally, but will ship quickly to nearest outlet.) They are easy to clasp and unclasp, and are attractive so can remain on display clamping a towel. The third photo on my profile page shows an example of one holding a towel on my oven door handle.

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A.L. Wiebe
A.L. Wiebe December 21, 2011 20:23
Re: How to Keep Kitchen Towels off the Floor!

What a good idea!! I am forever having to replace a dish towel, just because it fell on the floor. This should save on laundry...thanks for sharing!

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