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Super wave vs nuwave

Sparky December 27, 2010

Does anyone know if the ovens are the same?? Are the same recipes applicable to both?

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Betty Hopkins
Betty Hopkins December 28, 2010 13:32
Re: Super wave vs nuwave

Hello, I am not sure of differences of these oven.. I would like to know which is the most reliable.... I almost ruined a really nice Standing Rib Roast for my CHRISTmas dinner due to the fact that my Sharper Image Super Wave Oven stopped about 15 minutes into the cooking process... Had to go dig out old faithful Nesco Roaster to finish it as my reg. oven is broke. So much for that. Now I won't trust this type of oven either... And after buying 3 different cookbooks too. Anyone want to buy my cookbooks? As this Oven in going back to ShopNBC. I was disappointed to say the least.. Only the second time I used it too.
Betty in Va.

kathy yax
kathy yax January 5, 2011 18:16
Re: Super wave vs nuwave

Hi Betty-i got the superwave oven and havent had any problem with it-if your serious about selling your cookbooks please email me at [email protected] i would love to buy them!!! i hope more people join so we can share recipes!!we are making beef jerky today.thanks,kathy

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