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fried chicken in the nuwave

Linda Logan Stitt January 10, 2011

how do u make fried chicken?

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Star Brooks
Star Brooks January 11, 2011 16:48
Re: fried chicken in the nuwave

We can but we don't. We prefer to put chicken thighs on the rack and season them and half way thru we put a strip of bacon cut up into halves across the chicken. It is absolutely delicious. The other way is to bread the chicken and just air fry it. We have done both. We cut the power to 80 %. What makes those thighs really good is the pork/chicken rub in a large jar from the dollar store. You can infuse all kinds of spices into chicken and pork. We also made the best pork butt roast by just rubbing it with the rub and cooking until it was done.

John Avery
John Avery January 11, 2011 17:04
Re: fried chicken in the nuwave


Your reply to Lindas question soundsgreat. As I am anxious to try fried chicken in the Nu-Wave alo I would like to know what temperature, time and rack level you recommend for chicken wings or thighs.
I think the strip of bacon on top idea makes for one tasty meal!!

Best Regards

John Avery

Bary R Witterholt
Bary R Witterholt January 11, 2011 17:56
Re: fried chicken in the nuwave

I usually get a whole chicken in the 3 to 4 pound range (cleaned)
and roast in whole in the Nu Wave.. The end result is delicious.. the entire family enjoys the roasted chicken . It doesn't matter if the chicken is frozen, which takes a bit longer to coo or the thawed chicken. Frozen chicken results in a moister meat finished product
while thawed is great as well and is right out of the store .Both are really good. I personally like frozen chicken to work with as there is very little mess to clean up when opening up package and bacteria isn't so much a concern.. very sanitary.. VERY VERY .And a moister finished bird.Delicious. I cook chicken parts occasionally , but the economics of a whole chicken win out in this household ie,. meat to eat, soup meat and salad meat ,all in one package. hard to beat...... good cookin' to ya, barry

Bary R Witterholt
Bary R Witterholt January 11, 2011 18:05
Re: fried chicken in the nuwave

To John, i use the rack that keeps the top of the chicken about 2 inches from the bottom of the cooker head when cooking a whole chicken. I use the same high rack when cooking chicken parts
and cook the parts for a bit longer than a whole chicken. What I found with the Nu wave is use a thermometer to check the finished cooked product, what ever you are cooking. The thermometer won't lie to you and it takes the guess work out of the finished product.. be safe, don't under cook your food and enjoy that delicious taste the NuWave provides by not overcooking.. ! We love it .

Star Brooks
Star Brooks January 11, 2011 23:08
Re: fried chicken in the nuwave

We just did some thighs today. Wrapped them in bacon and stuck them on the 4" rack and seasoned them with I think it is "Blazin'" rub for chicken and I think it is seafood. We put them on high for 30 minutes per side and they were wonderful. I love Bacon in the Nuwave and it makes for moist chicken and the skin was kind of crunchy, but we added a little time to see what we liked better and this was perfect. I will be eating meat more than anything else... onions come out perfect on meat or wrapped in foil and just stick a little butter on top and cook until it is the desired tenderness. My doctor wants me to cut carbs, and that is no problem because I cook a whole lot of meat, cheese and eggs. I sometimes use my extender ring to put the heating further away... on breads and casseroles it went beyond good!

Joyce Adams
Joyce Adams January 12, 2011 21:32
Re: fried chicken in the nuwave

I love hearing about all the different things to bake in the Nuwave,,,keep them coming..I am roasting another chicken today since we absolutely love it cooked in the Nuwave.

Ginny Pokoj
Ginny Pokoj January 17, 2011 17:23
Re: fried chicken in the nuwave

Hi - I make chicken wings for my hubby. I have made 18 split wings in about 26-27 minutes. Take the wings and put them in a ziploc bag with some cannola oil. Put foil on the pan below the 4" rack to catch most of the grease. I then put the wings on the rack and sprinkle both sides with garlic powder and McCormicks Rotisserie Chicken seasoning. If you are going to use barbeque sauce, cook on high for 10 minutes, flip to the other side for another 10 minutes, Then put sauce on both sides and cook for another 3-4 minutes on each side (depending on how big the wings are), basting with more sauce if you want. If you are not using any sauce, cook the wings (bottoms first) for 12 minutes and then 14 minutes on the top (the side with more skin). These are so good (if I do say so myself) and so easy to make. Clean up is easy too - soak the rack for a little bit and clean. Hope you all like it.

Post a reply to let me know. Ginny in Titusville, PA

Jean January 28, 2011 18:48
Re: fried chicken in the nuwave

Hi, I am new to to the Nuwave as well and I also would like to know if you can do "fried chicken" in the nuwave. all of the postings are great, but none of them actually address breaded fried chicken.........whether you can or not.
Have done whole chicken and very pleased with result. Plan to try the chicken wings soon.

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