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nuwave chopper-blender

D.C. Fritz
D.C. Fritz November 1, 2010

recently HAD to change diet & hubby got me a NuWave For early Christmas gift.came w/the here's my any of you know a link or 'something' that will give me more recipes than the 4-5 they give ya in the booklet? any help would be real nice! thankx!

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Star Brooks
Star Brooks November 2, 2010 18:02
Re: nuwave chopper-blender

I use it to make a thought up version of pimento cheese spread and egg salad mixtures... I keep it handy instead of a mixer for smaller amounts that need vigorous stirring. I couldn't find recipes either so we improvised. Just about anything that needs chopping or blending or needs to be beat smooth works. My long distance friend uses hers for making smoothies with almond milk that is flavored with vanilla. Try making your own orange Julius too. There is seemingly no end of uses!

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