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NuWave Induction cooktop

Marion August 30, 2012

I have used the NuWave for years and have loved it... I am considering buying the NuWave Induction Cooktop. Does anyone have one and if you do, what is your honest opinion of it?

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Larry October 10, 2012 19:45
Re: NuWave Induction cooktop

I love my nuwave oven and have had it for about 4 yrs. I continually find more uses for it. But the shipping and handling costs make the cooktop a bust in my opinion. Once you added it up, to get the bogo cooktop and toolkit, the cost was nearly $300. Look online at the Max Burton cooktops. They are about the same cost without the extra for s & h and they are 1800 watts max power opposed to the nuwave 1300 watts.. Look around, online...

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