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looking for fruit pie recipes in nuwave

AJ June 30, 2012

thanks for any advice on making pies in the nuwave

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Vicki Brown Taylor July 2, 2012 02:47
Re: looking for fruit pie recipes in nuwave

I'm not sure fuit pies work well in the Nuwave...or any that have a top and bottom crust anyway. I tried a Turkey Pot Pie back at Christmas time and the bottom crust did NOT cook at all. If anyone has any secret methods for cookig a 2 crust pie in the Nuwave, please clue us in....

Star Brooks
Star Brooks September 8, 2012 23:14
Re: looking for fruit pie recipes in nuwave

I just bake a bottom crust until it looks done and then fill with a fruit filling. The Nuwave baker's book says to use a refrigerated pie crust and lay it over the filling and pinch the edges of the crusts to seal and then bake the whole pie. I also mix a crumb topping with flour, butter, and a little brown sugar and layer that on top of my filled crust and bake until the crumb topping is done... cobbler style. I have no complaints yet and a baked pie shell does really good under a pumpkin or pecan pie. Somewhere in here is my no-roll crust recipe made with butter, flour and confectioner's sugar. Amazingly rich!

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