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What's your favorite Neapolitan dish?

Frank Fariello
Frank Fariello July 11, 2010

Guys, curious to know: what's your favorite Neapolitan dish? For a lot of people, pizza would have to be #1--atter all, it's Naples' biggest culinary export.

But for me, the answer may lie in the name of this group. (No coincidence that I chose it!) If you've never had it, it's basically a mozzarella 'sandwich' dipped in egg and fried in olive oil. I like to serve it with a garlic and anchovy sauce. Yum!

But then there are all the wonderful dishes that my grandmother made when I was growing up: ragu, of course, known to Italian-Americans as "sunday sauce" and lasagna. But my absolute favorite was actually a simple, every day dish: pasta e lenticchie, or pasta and lentils.

All of these dishes, by the way, are featured on my blog, Memorie di Angelina.

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Nanette July 29, 2010 02:26
Re: What's your favorite Neapolitan dish?

Your question got me thinking? Are the Italian dishes that I cook, Neapolitan? That's where Nonna came from, that's what Mamma taught me, but gosh are they simply "Italian" or "Neapolitan"? I know that different regions are known for different specialties and I know that on several occasions someone has said about my recipe(s) 'Oh, my mother didn't cook must be from Naples" So tell me Frankie is Spaghetti Pie Neapolitan? I've eaten mozzarella in carrozza many times but no sauce just a tomato salad.

Joann Travis
Joann Travis February 22, 2011 18:54
Re: What's your favorite Neapolitan dish?

I am Irish,Polish and Russian.I should have been Italian.In recent years I taught myself to make sauce.
I love All types of pizza,lasagna and manicotti.
I have a kettle I love to cook in.
Here we eat tomato sandwhiches,Toasted white bread,a big thick slice of homegrown tomato,a slice of american cheese and salt and pepper.It is fabulous!

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