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Basic needs for Moroccan cooking

Amos Miller
Amos Miller January 14, 2011

There are over 500 recipes for various Moroccan dishes posted on While some are quite traditional, some present new twists on Moroccan themes and some use Moroccan elements in wholly new dishes.

It is my opinion that Moroccan cuisine ranks as one of the truly great and unique cuisines of the world. Yet, it is a challenge to find a good Moroccan restaurant in most major cities; and when you do find one, the next time you go, you find it closed.

To understand the Moroccan kitchen one has to understand the country's very unique history and history's influence on the food. But this is a cooking gig, not a history class, so I'll leave that research to the more devoted, and simply focus on what makes excellent Moroccan dishes.

The intent of this specific group is to pull together some of the traditional elements I observed and enjoyed working with during my nearly ten years in Morocco.

There are several items that will radically enhance the spectacular personality of Moroccan cuisine. As the saying goes: "You need the right tools to do the job right". So let's start this whole adventure off by pulling a few of those tools together. Following are a couple of recipes that you will find move your Moroccan dishes from really good to really authentically good.

In a very short time, you will be able to invite your dearest friend to an authentic 'diffa', or feast, and they will be amazed at table!

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Daniel Saraga
Daniel Saraga March 5, 2011 16:23
Re: Basic needs for Moroccan cooking

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