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Talking to group members

Hungry Jenny
Hungry Jenny May 28, 2011

Apologies if this function is already available (though couldn't find one), but it would be good to be able to send a message to all members within a group - I know that you can 'start conversations' in the Talk section but there's no notification of when something new is posted, so often things get missed.

Useful functions I'm thinking of would be:
- group owner to be able to send message to all members
- members to be able to 'follow' a particular conversation so that they are alerted when new replies are made
- members to receive an alert when a new conversation is started, but also the option to opt out of this as well

I think I may have mentioned (or another discussion elsewhere) about this so would be interesting to hear if anything like that is being developed.

Hungry Jenny x

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John Spottiswood
John Spottiswood May 31, 2011 05:43
Re: Talking to group members

Hi Jenni, the way it works now is as follows. New messages can only be sent as Topics. Any topic in a group is "followed" by all group members. Right now, the alerts are by default set to weekly, but they can be made real time or daily here:
I think you are right that this can be improved by making alerts specific to threads and not just to groups. I will add that to our list of upcoming features and enhancements. Thanks for the feedback!

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