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new members...minimum recipe required?

Foodessa May 23, 2010

Hello everyone,
I was just wondering if I'm the only one bothered by the fact that people join this great community without even 1 recipe.
It seems like they join only to mooch off our recipes and have no real interest in participating with some of their own!
Example: A pro chef, joined in 2008...and NEVER submitted her greatness! I am slightly peeved by that.
There should be at least a certain minimum requirement in order to show their seriousness.
Did I just open up a can of worms? Well...I hope I did!

Have yourselves a flavourful day, Claudia

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Micheline September 8, 2010 14:06
Re: new members...minimum recipe required?

Hi! Foodessa and everyone,

I totally agree with your point of view, this site SHOULD BE for cooking, eating and SHARING tasty, wonderful food creations and recipes. In my opinion, moochers should be restricted on this site.

Have a great cooking, eating and SHARING Day?

Hungry Jenny
Hungry Jenny February 9, 2011 21:25
Re: new members...minimum recipe required?


I think that it's just a case of accepting that they are so many recipe sharing sites out there to join, so you sign up with good intention, then forget/lose interest in keeping up. This would be the case for me with Foodista, which I joined ages ago but have never gone back into since - not because I think the site is rubbish or anything like that or that I 'can't be bothered', but simply because I found CES alot easier to work with and enjoy using, so prefer to just use the one site - I have a Foodbuzz profile also but very rarely use that now either.

I agree though that it is a bit frustrating that so many people join CES then don't give any info about their own interests etc

Hungry Jenny x

Amos Miller
Amos Miller February 19, 2011 04:17
Re: new members...minimum recipe required?

Foodessa, I strongly agree. We joined this site for many reasons, among them, I'm sure, is to expand our own knowledge and refine our work in the kitchen. While it is good that people's meals will be improved, we hope, by being exposed to a world-wide collection of culinary experience in every area of the art, we are also here to learn from one another. I want to pick up something new every day and to grow in skill and experience. I think it is not too much to ask that at least one recipe be posted as a requisite to commenting or reviewing on the site.

MItch is correct in stating that we also need to SHARE here.

I love reading all the recipes, on all levels, and I love even more to get comments from folks who work hard and want to learn. They believe they are becoming better cooks because of this site, They are trying their best and they want to share in their successes and offer their ideas.

We are teachers, but we are also students. There is a lot of 'deadwood' in the ranks, some of whom should probably be 86'd. Is that too harsh? If so, I'm sorry, but I want to learn, too.

Amos Miller
Amos Miller February 19, 2011 19:08
Re: new members...minimum recipe required?

I've thought about this overnight. While I still believe we need to encourage new members to submit something so we can learn from them, perhaps a mechanism can be set up to give, say a 15 day trial membership period, during which time at least one submission must be made to fully activate all benefits. Many sites do this.

I do not know if there is a way for the computer Overlords to determine how long a member has been inactive, but I would suggest that inactivity longer than 6 months indicates disinterest and those individuals should be purged from the site. There, dear Foodessa, are some new worms...

A.L. Wiebe
A.L. Wiebe March 22, 2011 16:26
Re: new members...minimum recipe required?

Yes, I strongly agree as well. I feel pretty ripped off when I want to check out another chef's recipes, only to see that there are none, even though they've been members for a couple of years.
I am here to learn too, and if someone can learn something from me, then so much the better.
There are times that I would like to post recipes, only to find that there are pages and pages, with variations, of the same darned thing lol.

Amos Miller
Amos Miller March 23, 2011 16:14
Re: new members...minimum recipe required?

Hey, A.L. - Don't be deterred from posting YOUR take on any given dish. That "reinvent the wheel" and "invent a better mousetrap" mentality should not be a part of any chef's make-up, and I know it is not a part of yours.

I review scores of recipes - some I like, some I really don't, and some are terrible and some are great, with new paths for me to explore. We all work with pretty much the same proteins and vegetables in their various guises. And every now and then, we think "hey - how about if I..." and we take it in a new direction.

I like to think that if there are 360 degrees in a compass and we put a potato in the middle, there must be 360 different ways to approach that simple food, and each way suggests new directions. An d so it goes.

We need ALL your input, as well as that of ALL the members. CES is a resource. To the point, if someone wants to cruise the recipes, they may, at will, for free.

To sign up, however, is a implied committment to contribute to the resource from which the rest of us draw, sometimes daily.

Once again, Foodessa stirs the pot quite well...

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