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Gluten-Free Challah Recipe

Judy Fisher
Judy Fisher September 5, 2009

Hi, everyone. I am new to the gluten-free world (about a month now) and feeling SO much better than I have in the past couple of years. I am missing challah (braided egg bread traditionally eaten by Jewish people on the Sabbath). Does anyone have a recipe for challah or know where I can find one? Thanks so much!

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Farrell May Podgorsek
Farrell May Podgorsek September 6, 2009 21:52
Re: Gluten-Free Challah Recipe

Judy, I'll try the recipe from Gluten-Free Baking classics by annalise Roberts and let you know how it is. It will be a loaf - the cookbook says to "draw" a braid on the top with the tip of a knife. It won't work in the traditional braid, since GF breads are batters, not firm doughs. This is the book I adapted the Mandelbrot recipe from.

Sharon A. Kane
Sharon A. Kane September 14, 2009 09:09
Re: Gluten-Free Challah Recipe

Hi Judy and Farrell,
I know there is a braided challah bread pan available although I can't locate the vendor just now. I learned about it at a GF baking conference. It compensates for the fact that most GF challah recipes cannot be handled for the braiding. I'll keep looking for the link. Thanks to both of you for joining our little group.

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