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Saturdays purchases

mary Magee
mary Magee August 31, 2008

I have 2 kids so meals also have to be kid friendly. Last night we had the organic grass fed burgers from Oak Creek Farms. They gave me a few avocados, so I sliced them up for the burgers and also had little gems lettuce and dry farmed tomatoes, served on onion buns from golden sheath bakery. We also had green beans from the farm a half mile down the road from me. Tonight we are having the flat iron steaks, also from Oak Creek Farms. I will serve them with grilled eggplant and assorted grilled squashes and some fried potatoes. For dessert, chocolate cake with fresh raspberries from Everett Family Farms (down the road from me) and fresh cream. If you haven't figured it out I am lucky enough to live surrounded by wonderful organic farms. I am very fortunate to really be able to eat locally as we also live just a few miles from the ocean.

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