Only 2 months until Gilroy Garlic FEstival

Charlie Larson
Charlie Larson May 30, 2009

Gilroy Garlic Festival is just two months away. Time to start spreading the word to all your friends. Old timers please bring along at least 1 new person as a guest to the Gilroy Garlic Festival this year, Would be nice if each of the 4000 volunteers convinced just 1 paid admission person to come and eat what you have created and create the fun family dynamic with more people.
Rapazzini's The Garlic Shoppe will be in the same location as the last 30 years at Christmas Hill Park selling most of the delcious garlicky treats and sauces and foods.

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brian b.
brian b. February 27, 2010 01:42
Re: Only 2 months until Gilroy Garlic FEstival

i always add garlic when I am cooking.
can't go wrong with garlic!

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