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newbie goofy

Sindy October 23, 2011

Hi all, so glad for the site, will need all the support I can get and hope to do the same for others.. My question is ... are all the recipes on the site recipes that can be used for EAT TO LIVE program... if yes, so to reask... i can eat any of the recipes on this whole site and be in compliance with Dr. Furhman's EAT TO LIVE thank you!

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John Spottiswood
John Spottiswood February 15, 2012 06:35
Re: newbie goofy

Hi Sindy...sorry for the very late reply. All the recipes I post to the Eat To Live group are very healthy. Hopefully others follow the same rule. However, the site as a whole has lots of not-so-healthy recipes, so you'll need to check the ingredients and nutrition facts before endulging. Hope you find lots of good things to eat here!

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