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Edible Paints for chocolates

Clare April 7, 2010

We recently found a site that sells edible paint for chocolates and other dry foods, like fondant and gumpaste. I hadn't seen anything else that would color chocolate so we bought the kits and the award series, gold, silver and bronze. I was pleasantly surprised how well the paints covered the chocolates. The award series paints are different than the regular paints. These seem translucent. It looked really good on the white chocolate and OK on the dark chocolate coins. Also, we got so interested in blending colors we wound up painting each of the bunnies different colors that made our quick project take longer than originally anticipated. Has anyone else tried these edible paints from Foodazzler? I am just wondering why we haven't heard of these products before now.

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Callie May 16, 2011 22:31
Re: Edible Paints for chocolates

what is Foodazzler?

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