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'Tis the (Apple) Season Recipe
by Danica Loucks

'Tis the (Apple) Season

Bowdoin has excellent food. And usually, they do a good job of having options for a gluten free diet. Last night was not one of them. Since they didn't have any gluten free entrees except for steak, I opted for the quinoa cereal that is in packets like instant oatmeal.

"Just add hot water," it says. So I did. Welcome Cardboard Smoothie.

I doused it in honey. Mmm...honey flavored cardboard.

I looked jealously at Patrick's plate...

Ah, the days of whole wheat pasta and multigrain bread. I suppose I never told you about the gelatinous goop that resulted from cooking gluten free pasta on the Pre-O Trip...some things are better left unsaid.

Luckily, my stomach spirits were brightened with watermelon at Moulton's breakfast and the bagels and lox (sans bagel of course) at Thorne for lunch. (Thanks Ben for writing that comment card!)

Thinking back to the Jenga Sandwich, this might have been the one day making one in the dining hall would have been possible. Instead, I spent another large quantity of time baking today...

It's the season for apple picking, and once you have pounds and pounds of apples you have to making something delicious.

The Howell House inhabitants so kindly planned the apple picking, baking and coffeehouse for today. While I only was able to take part in the cooking, it was a good time. All sorts of delicious things were made:

Apple Crisp, Apple Upside-down cake, Apple Bread and so on..

I, personally, took on the task of Apple Butterscotch Cookies. I got the idea from my good ol' bro and his cookie inventing back in the day, but I didn't have the recipe nor all the ingredients, so here is what I came up with:

Combine with an electric mixer (or Kitchen Aid if you aren't using an appliance-lacking kitchen):

I plopped dough onto baking sheets and cooked them for about 10 minutes in a 350 F oven. (As I said before, I think it is 350 F).

Finally, I combined powdered sugar with just enough milk to make a thick liquid for the glaze which I drizzled over the top of the cooled cookies.

I decided I wanted to make something gluten free and I had some cereal that I bought awhile ago that I haven't eaten because by itself it is really reminiscent of flax-flavored cardboard.

So, I combined in a saucepan:

1/2 cup corn syrup

1 cup sugar

3/4 cup baking cocoa

I brought that to a boil and stirred in:

3 cups Perky's Nutty Flax Cereal

I then sprayed a mini muffin tin with PAM, which was a very stupid thing to do since PAM contains soy. I then spooned the chocolate-y cereal into the mini muffin tin and put them in the freezer to speed the hardening process. I had a bit extra that I just spooned onto a plate. As I took the hardened "cookies" out of the muffin tin I realized that while none of them were sticking, they were all covered in PAM. I just left those for the coffeehouse, but I did get to taste the extras on the plate that I didn't spray.

The sugary chocolate masked the cardboard flavor of the cereal, and the cereal gave the cookie excellent crunch to contrast with the chew created by my boiled sugar syrup. However, if you are out to find Gluten Free cereal, I would say go with something else like gluten free cornflakes or amaranth flakes.

Sorry Perky, but the nutty flax just didn't do it for me.

And wow. I'm tired. There will be more baking tomorrow, as somebody's birthday is coming up, but I am quite unsure if there will be time to write about it!