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Steamed Yam Cake Recipe
by Serene Tan

Steamed Yam Cake

Posted by icyelite on December 28, 2009

After such a long time of resting baking, cooking food cum recipe testing, I had a sudden urge to cook steamed yam cake. It has been a long time since I last ate steamed yam cake. Without any recipe for reference, I bought yam from NTUC, thinking that mum surely knows how to cook it. Lol. She guides me along the way.

Recipe of Steamed Yam Cake (Frying the mixture)



Slice the mushroom and cut the yam into small cubes.

Measure 7 bowls of water and pour into a mixing bowl.

Add rice flour, pepper, salt into the mixing bowl.

Fry the mushroom and yam with sesame oil/vegetable oil.

After frying the mushroom and yam, pour the mixture (mixing bowl) into the pan and fry.

Stir the mixture continuously.

Add in starch flour into the pan.

Stir the mixture until it becomes sticky texture (looks like glue texture) and transfer it to a baking tin, ready to steam it.

Steam for approximate 1 hour and use toothpick to test that nothing sticks on it.

Tips: While adding in the seasoning into the mixture, taste it making sure that its not too blend and have a wonderful taste.


Cut the yam cake into small pieces.

Garnish the steamed yam cake with parsley, sliced red chili and fried cabbage and you are ready to serve.

Serve the steamed yam cake together with sweet dark soy sauce and chili.

You can use the same recipe for cooking steamed pumpkin cake too.