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Say NO to Takeaway: Whip Up a Peanut Prawn Stir Fry Instead! Recipe
by Hungry Jenny

Peanut...and prawn?

It's not that weird a combo, honest.

Essentially it's like a satay, and that's not an alien thing at all, is it? Don't scrimp on the prawns, make sure you get colossal king prawns. You don't want to eat this and wonder where the prawns are now - the little ones always seem to shrink even more once cooked. And for some complementary texture, add water chestnuts which will make a welcome crunch alongside the juicy prawns.

Like other stir fry noodle dishes, this is so quick to make that you won't even realise that you've made it. Get your ingredients, throw them in, and eat up straight away!

Peanut Prawn Stir Fry

Serves 2:

1) Gently boil the noodles for about 5-10 minutes until just cooked. Drain in cold water, toss with the sesame oil and leave to cool.

2) Mix the yogurt with the peanut butter and set aside.

3) Add the oil to a hot wok. Fry the prawns for a few minutes, then add in the broccoli for another few. Finally add the chestnuts and spring onions.

4) Turn down the heat and carefully mix in the peanut mixture, followed by the hot stock. Leave to simmer for about 5 minutes.

5) Toss through the noodles and serve immediately!

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