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Poricha Kozhi Kuzambhu/Fried Chicken Gravy- Happy Mother's Day Recipe
by Priya

Poricha Kozhi Kuzambhu/Fried Chicken Gravy- Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all moms a beautiful mother's day..Eventhough we celebrate Mother's Day today, every mom is special to their child each and everyday..Mom the words itself means a lot for many of us..The only human being sacrifice everything to their proper child and each and every mom is special on their own way...My mom, an energtic, creative and great home maker who spend most of her precious time for us, she is always special for us from whom i learned how to be a excellent cook, more patience, the word forgiveness and an adorable mom for my kids..My mom used to prepare many non vegetarian dishes every sunday and she fond always for the seafood, i have seen my mom enjoying her fish gravy the next day with papads while she prepare many delicious dishes for us..She used to go everyday to the market to get fresh veggies, greens and seafoods, as we lived in seashore city called Pondicherry, those days makes me nostalgic..Now we guys are living far away from that beautiful city, we miss our seashore city a lot..

This spicy poricha kozhi kuzhambu is one of my favourite gravy which my mom used to prepare once a while during our sunday lunch..To celebrate this fabulous special day, i prepared this poricha kozhi kuzhambu for our today's lunch as sunday special, this gravy goes for marinated and deep fried chicken pieces, which are cooked later in a special gravy prepared with red dry chillies, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, poppyseeds, coriander seeds along with freshly grated coconuts..This gravy goes as prefect side dish along with rotis, parathas, idlies and dosas..We had this poricha kozhi kuzhambu with coriander pulao and both together turned out sunday lunch tooo delicious and fantastic..

Marinate the chicken pieces along with red chilly powder, cumin seed powder, pepper powder and corn flour with enough salt, let them sit for an hour..

Meanwhile heat few drops of oil, fry the dry red chillies, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds one by one and finally dry roast the coconut,take everything together and grind as fine paste along with enough water..

Heat enough oil, fry the whole spices until they turns brown, add the chopped onions, slit opened green chillies and chopped onions, saute everything together for few minutes, now add the ginger garlic paste and saute until the raw smell goes away..meanwhile heat enough oil for deep frying, fry the marinated chicken pieces until they get fried..Add the grounded masala,salt (take care not to add too much of salt, as the marinated chicken pieces have some salt already)to the cooking veggies, stir until the oil get separates...add enough water to the masala, bring everything to boil...add the fried chicken pieces and cook until everything get cooked well.. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve immediately...