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october = candy corn Recipe
by Barb Ruess

Oh sure… those of you (hello neighbors) who put your Halloween decorations up a week ago – yes MORE THAN A MONTH BEFORE the actual holiday – you obviously think that even the early days of October are all about Halloween. Ghosts, witches, funny orange & purple lighted nonsense. And that’s all fine and dandy. But for me the early days of October mean a little something different. They are the first true days of autumn. I get out a few fall decorations, add some mums to the front doorstep, and my first trip to the grocery this month always includes one thing: candy corn.

Oh candy corn and all its sugary, corn syrupy, completely fake food additivey goodness! I will sneak 5-10 pieces of it every single day from now until October 31st. It’s the perfect Halloween snack – a serving is a whopping 22 pieces (even I can’t eat that in one sitting) and it’s only 2 points for those of you on the Weight Watcher plan. What more could you ask for?

C: colorful

A: available only once a year (in these colors anyway)

N: no fat

D: delicious

Y: you can’t eat just one

R: ridiculously fun to eat

N: nibble one color at a time

This post may have been fueled by candy corn.

Oh candy corn is so fun! But on November 1st every single piece of sticky orange & yellow candy left in my house will be tossed in the trash. Gone. I won’t be able to stomach another single bite.

Until October 2011 that is.