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NoGii, No Elisabeth? Recipe
by Marlow

First, an update!

Sorry to leave you guys hanging on the ol’ ganglion cyst post. SO my doctor has ordered a week of strict rest, which means that I get to wear this cool wrist splint for a week:

Rockin’ it!

Obviously I look super dope but honestly it’s really helping. I’m also on some anti-inflammatory meds for two weeks and that seems to help too. Sleeping in the splint is not comfortable, but I’m getting used to it. It’s also made painting the store a challenge, but manageable.

Hopefully this works long term and I can be back to my normal self, wrist-pain free!

Now, onto something more…controversial?

Last week I posted this picture on my Instagram and Twitter of a new to me protein bar, the NoGii bar :

Apparently, people no likey the Elisabeth Hasselbeck?!

I’ll admit my own smile goes a little sour grapes when I think about her, but that’s because she referred to Celiac Disease as an allergy…

and it ain’t an allergy y’all!

Can I tell you that I LOVED her on Survivor?


But that’s when she was just a wide-eyed, totally ripped shoe designer. And YES, I totally had a girl crush. Look at those abs people?!

Maybe people don’t like her because of what she says on The View? Having never watched the show**, I can’t comment on that either way.

**If I’m home during the morning and watching TV, it’s usually a mini-marathon of The Office, Parks and Rec, or 30 Rock on Netflix.

But I can comment on the NoGii bar. First things first:


This is not your average protein bar! Mine cost $3.49 at Harris Teeter. No jokes.



Holy crap. It is so good. Almost too good. (Like I wanted to eat another one right away)



20 grams of protein. 2 grams of fiber. 230 calories. Not too shabby


It’s processed in a facility that processes wheat.

Say what now?

BUT the package claims they are very strict and guarantee a clean production line segregation of ingredients.

All together now:

GHM Review of NoGii gluten free protein bar:

1. Expensive

2. Delicious

3. Impressive Nutritional Stats

4. Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat but on claimed “safe” lines

Overall: LOVE it. Have bought more. Will buy again.

So what do you think? Love her? Leave her?

Have you tried the bar?