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Just throw it in a jar Recipe
by Marlow

Jars are one of my absolute, favorite ways to carry my lunches and snacks around. Because they’re glass they seem to keep the food fresher, and I don’t worry about tops popping off in my bag. For that reason, I seem to have collected quite a few, and while I know Parrish likes reusable containers instead of plastic bags, I’m not so sure he loves jars as much as me…or maybe he just doesn’t think we need so many. But just like my mom and bestie, I’ve never met a jar I don’t like.

On mornings when I don’t have time to sit down for breakfast, I like to pack a ‘Mess Jar’.

1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats, 4 strawberries sliced, and whatever yogurt I have on hand. In this case it was Stonyfield Farms French Vanilla, which after having plain Greek Yogurt for a few months, this was like a dessert!

With a side of coffee and I’m ready to go!

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