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Intriguing Kumquat Marmalade with a hint of Ginger Recipe
by MyCreative Flavors

Every day has a new beginning and I simply love learning new recipes from different regions and cultures from across the world. I learnt cooking from the scratch, umpteen dishes and desserts from all YOU awesome cooks. Recently, I experimented making some marmalade with kumquats. I have always been fascinated by Kumquats, the lovely plant with its lush green leaves and bright tiny Kumquat fruit. Last weekend I was lucky to have found much awaited wintery/spring fruit-fresh kumquats at the local Trader Joe's. After capturing plenty of shots of these beauties, I threw a couple of these in my bowl of salad.It was a blend of sweet and tangy. Then I thought of making Kumquat salsa to enjoy it with crackers but eventually made a marmalade so that it lasts longer :)

Little Gems are Gorgeous !!!!My wish to make these stay at my house still persists, so with utmost care I took out the seeds, washed and dried and sowed a few in my little Pots. Now keeping my fingers crossed and really wish that seeds germinate real fast ....!!!!!!!



Wash and thinly slice the kumquats.

Peel one orange, deseed and add to the bowl of kumquats.

3 Step Process - Cut in Half horizontally, de-seed, thinly slice

Add powdered sugar and let it sit for at least 4-5 of hours (preferably overnight).

Now take this mix in a pan & start simmering over low heat for 10-15 mins.

Bring the mix to boil, & keep it boiling for 5 mins

Now, lower the heat again, keep at low heat for 20-25 minutes till you get a jelly kind of consistency (natural pectin in the fruit will start oozing out & gelling at this stage).

Squeeze in lemon juice and add a dash of ginger juice.

Simmer for at least 5 mins more.

Skimm of the foam if any, remove from heat & keep ready to unload into a glass jar.

Now fill the marmalade into your glass jars.

Let the jars cool down to room temperature before putting on the lid.

Seal the jar & refrigerate.

If you can sterilize the jars ahead, with hot air - it will keep longer.

Enjoy a generous spread as the marmalade is rich in antioxidants (Vitamin A,C,E) essential oils and fibre.

We have been loving our kumquat marmalade on our toast every morning since last week.

I like biting into a spoonful every now & then - it's tangy, sweet & Yumm !!!!