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Grain Mustard, Caraway Seed and Beer Bread Recipe
by Joanne

I decided to do my first half marathon and signed up for the Skunk Cabbage Half. I know…what’s this thing I have with skunks? That’s what I thought when I saw this half listed on Active. The worst part is that the course is described as rolling hills. I really don’t like hills. But I do enjoy going down them. Something for me to keep in mind while trudging up those steep inclines all around Utica. On April 11, I’ll be running my longest race yet. The week before that is the Fort-To-Fort, 10K. I haven’t signed up for that one yet, I’m still thinking about it.

As for today, this is what was accomplished: 4.5 mile run on T/M + 30 min. weights (chest & biceps) + 3.23 mile run with Shane. Total running today: 7.73 miles. We lucked out because it only started to rain the last quarter of a mile.

Tues: 55 min. of cross training + 25 minutes weights + 3 – 3 1/2 walk or jog

Wed: 16 mile run or 80 minute run.

Thurs: 30 min. cross train + 30 weights + 3 mile run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 80 minute run or 16 mile run.

Sunday: Rest

It’s March. St. Patrick’s Day is in the minds of many. Isn’t it usual to think about making Irish Soda Bread? Probably. But I was more along the beer bread way of thinking. I combined the wonderful flavor of whole grain mustard with a light beer and, while in the midst of mixing this up, had the revelation that caraway seed goes well with mustard. The flavor of mustard stands out in this bread with the beer and caraway offering subtle undertones.

I used a bread maker but kneading bread, or bread making in general can be quite therapeutic. Don’t hesitate to take the time to push the dough, fold it over, gently squeeze and turn, push the dough again, fold it again, gently squeeze and turn. Absorb your self deep into the physical and mental focus of forming a gooey mass of ingredients into a manageable ball of dough that will later transform into a warm, tasty, experience on your tongue.

For more on the benefits of making bread, see my article on EXAMINER: Food Therapy

Ingredients: Small Loaf

Add the ingredients to the bread maker basket. Set on basic setting, medium crust and hit starts. Enjoy warm!

Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this past weekend? Will you make a special dinner on Wednesday when the official St. Patrick’s Day rings in?

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