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Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipe
by Marlow

A work in progress. :)

I have this fantasy of making gluten free cinnamon rolls every year for Christmas morning. Being a new wife, I guess I’m just pretty excited about starting new traditions for the Ravelli family :)

But I attempted gluten free cinnamon rolls last year and they were a disaster. But then I overheard a customer talking about making quick cinnamon rolls with bread mix, and how much her children loved them. Granted they weren’t gluten free, but it really got me thinking.

Enter King Arthur Flour Gluten Free bread mix. I bought this bread mix forever ago, and had yet found a reason to use it. I mean, there’s always Udi’s you know? :)

I prepared the dough according to direction, and then let it rise for 30 minutes. Once risen, I kneaded the dough with Gluten Free All Purpose Flour until it was workable enough to roll out. And I think that is where I made my mistake.

Once it had risen for the 30 minutes, I think I should have put the dough in a greased pan and let it double in size as the directions stated. Then kneaded it. I don’t have much experience with yeast in mixes, but I think if I had let it fully rise it would have been fluffier.

Anyway, I didn’t and they were still great! So, once rolled out

until it was the consistency of…sort of like…chunky peanut butter.

Next up was my second mistake. I used WAY too much filling, but again they were still tasty. Just a bit more messy.

I spooned out the brown sugar filling onto 2 inches of dough and spread it out with my fingers.

Once spread out, I sprinkled the area generously with ground cinnamon,

and cut out the strip of covered dough with a pizza cutter.

Next I rolled the strip into a tight as I could get it without ripping the dough pinwheel.

And I cut that pinwheel in half.

This is where I’m pretty sure I made another mistake :) See why this is a work in progress! Because I used too much filling and then cut it open to bake, some of the filling oozed out in to the baking pan making a delicious lake of brown sugar and buttery goodness…maybe it wasn’t a mistake. A happy accident!

Ready for baking!

I baked these little babies at 375 for 30 minutes. And I topped them with a quick sugar glaze: 4 tbsp. butter melted – 1 cup confectioners sugar – 1 dash of vanilla – 3 tbsp. milk – WHISKED

Top it!

YUM. I sprinkled cinnamon on top for an extra punch.

So I definitely think I’m closer with this recipe, but still not quite there.

Any pointers?

Or maybe I’ll just make gluten free waffles for breakfast on Christmas morning. That would be a delicious tradition!