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Fried Peas (Mutter fry) Recipe
by supersamayal


> Fried Peas (Mutter fry)


Steps to prepare:

If you have dried peas, then soak it for atleast 8 hours and then cook it for 5-6 whistles in a cooker with water, salt and drain it.

If you got the fresh peas, then cook it for 1 whistle in a cooker with water and salt, drain it and keep it away.

Take a kadaai or pan , add oil, mustard, fennel, onion, curry leaves, garlic paste and fry it.

After 1 minute, add peas ,chilly powder, salt, biriyani powder and coriander leaves.Fry it for 5-6 minutes.

Garnish it with coriander leaves.

This can go well with Rice and Roti.