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Fereni - Iranian Rice Pudding Recipe
by Priya

Fereni - Iranian Rice Pudding

Fereni, a famous Persian/Iranian pudding quite a popular dessert that people make for various occasions, u can serve chilled fereni as dessert, also at the same time it can be served warm when feeling sick or for sore throat.. This pudding is prepared with milk,rice flour,sugar, rose water and decorated usually with cinnamon powder and pistachios..Quite an easy dessert which gets really ready very fast and definitely a delicious dessert to enjoy, personally i loved the chilled fereni..Sending this delicious pudding to AWED-Iran guest hosted by Vanessa, event by DK..

Heat the milk in simmer, add the rice flour, sugar, rose water to the warm milk, whisk well until the sugar gets well dissolved..Gradually increase the flame and stir continously until the pudding turns thicks...Pour this delicious pudding in a serving bowl, topped them with cinnamon powder and pistachios..

Serve warm or chilled..