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Double Chocolate Brownie - Baking Lesson for A Teenager Recipe
by MaryMoh

Double chocolate brownies

I had the privilege of having my teenage friend, YuE, over for a baking lesson recently. Her parents are very good friends to us. I knew them about 5 years ago when they moved from another town and came to church. Looking back, I am very proud to say that YuE has not only grown in height but she has also grown much in character. 5 years ago, I would look at her and wonder but today I am very proud of her. She is a completely changed girl.

Sometimes when I visit her family, I see her helping her mom in the kitchen and she would also greet us and talk to us, very different from what she was before. After summer, she would be going into university to study medicine. Just awesome. Her parents are very proud of her. I am, too!

YuE had never shown interest in cooking or baking, as far as I know. But lately she showed some interest. My emphasis to all young people, especially girls, is that they need to learn some basic cooking and baking, EVEN IF they work in future. It’s important for the family as home-cooked meals are always cheaper and healthier.

It was one day, recently, YuE told me that she wanted to make something for the church. I was really excited to hear that. A real surprise to me. SO happy! Seeing her sudden enthusiasm, I invited her over to my house for a baking lesson. The easiest cake is the brownie….just melt, mix and bake. I believe anyone can handle that. We sure had much fun making the double chocolate brownie. It came out superb….so moist, chocolatey and delicious….mmmm. YuE liked it very much.

Here’s the Double Chocolate Brownie recipe:

Ingredients A

Add mixture A to mixture B. Fold in Ingredients C. Add Ingredients D. Mix well. Pour into a shallow baking tin.

leveling the cake batter

Level the surface of the cake batter and put into a preheated oven of 180 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes. Test it with a skewer. A skewer inserted into the centre should come out clean. Do not over bake otherwise the cake will not be moist and delicious.

Well done, YuE!! Keep Baking Keep Smiling!

well baked double chocolate brownie

Seeing her eagerness to learn, I bought her a cake cookbook. She was very happy and told me she would try out some recipes from it after she comes back from her holiday. I just can’t wait for that….*big smile*.

Fabulous Chinese dinner

That very weekend, her parents invited us to her house for dinner. Totally enjoyed it. We had great fun talking, chatting and laughing. The food was just fabulous! Pure Chinese food….mmmm. I have to learn how to cook them.

Eden, the young baker

Well, YuE is not the only one who is eager to learn how to bake and cook. Another teenage friend of mine, Eden, has been a great inspiration to me. Eden is only 14 years old. While the parents (also close family friends) are busy, Eden took over the kitchen sometimes. She started trying out some very simple food early. But soon she progressed to baking. These days she bakes beautiful cakes and biscuits. We are very privileged to enjoy them often. She puts beautiful icing on her cakes. That puts me to shame because I rarely put icing on my cakes. I’m just bad in that. Lack of patience is another main reason….*wink*. Look at the beautiful cakes made by Eden recently.

Birthday cake by Eden

Easter cake by Eden

Mother's Day cake by Eden

If a 14 year old can bake, I’m sure any adult can bake. I’m going to learn how to put nice icing on my cake…inspired by Eden!

Eden is not only good in baking. She is very good in piano, too. The main reason is that she never gives up. She keeps practising even though some pieces are not as interesting. She got distinction in her Grade 5 and has just sat for her Grade 6 piano exam. While many teenagers gave up too soon, Eden is persistent and consistent. I’m sure she will go very far in piano. I am very proud of her. She is just amazing!

I must say that kids and teenagers have never failed to amaze me, especially if they are given the chance and proper guidance from their parents and loved ones. I remember bringing my friends’ kids, including my girls when they were young, to the supermarket to do shopping and taught them how to choose onions, fruits, vegetables etc. They learn very quickly. Usually after a couple of trips, I can happily pass them my shopping list and enjoy watching them dashing through the aisles picking up the items! High 5 and BIG smiles!!!

I also taught them how to make simple cakes. It’s always very heart warming and encouraging for me because they learn so quickly. And while excitedly waiting for the cake to be baked, it’s perfect time to sit down with them for a good chat about life…their problems, disappointments and achievements. Nothing is better than listening to them, loving them, correcting them and encouraging them on. They will rise up to achieve more when they know we are there to support them, love them and believe in them.

I really hope that you enjoy your time with kids and teens, whether they are your own ones, nieces and nephews or friends’ children. You can get them involved in cooking and baking, sports, craftwork, music, woodwork, art, outdoors or other creative activities. I know many of you have been doing it. High 5 to you!!

Most important of all, I hope you have fun in what you love to do. As for me, I’m heading off to my kitchen to enjoy my cooking and baking…..*big smiles*.

Keep Smiling!

I just love Remy from Ratatouille. If you love to learn how to cook and bake like me, watch this lovely cartoon show. You will smile like him everyday and make other people smile, too!….*grin*

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