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Creamy Tomato-Basil Pasta and Free Cream Cheese Recipe
by redkathy

Have you seen the new ads for Philadelphia cream cheese? I just love the song!

1. Cook pasta as directed on package. Meanwhile, heat 2 tbsp. dressing in large skillet on medium heat. Add chicken, cover. Cook 5 to 6 minutes on each side or until done (165º F). Remove chicken from skillet, cover to keep warm. Carefully wipe out skillet with paper towel.

2. add remaining dressing, broth, and seasonings to skillet; cook 3 to 4 min. or until heated through. Add Neufchatel; cook and stir 2 to 3 min. or until Neufchatel is melted. Stir in tomatoes, cook 3 minutes.

3. Drain pasta. Add to ingredients in skillet with Parmesan and basil, mix well. Serve topped with chicken.

Method alterations:

Step 1- I used Rotelle pasta because that is what I had on hand. Since the chicken breasts that I bought, and all the packages at the meat counter for that matter, were about a half a pound, I used just three. They took a little longer than 12 minutes to cook; Note to self, fillet the chicken breasts next time.

Step 2- The grape tomatoes I halved, they just seemed too big.

Step 3 – I added all but about a cup of the cooked pasta. It looked to be way too much pasta for the sauce, even after reducing the dry amount.


I had a great time preparing this dish. It was really exciting to be part of a testing program for the first time. Add in the fact that it was Philly cream cheese and I'm a girl from the burbs of Philly, well that's just made the whole deal awesome! The flavor was great. The dressing gave the chicken a nice flavor and a nice bit of zing to the sauce too. Red and the carnivore liked very much. The three of us had one criticism, more sauce was definitely in order! To spoon some of that creamy sauce over the chicken after plating would have been fabulous, but the pasta just soaked it up. Maybe changing from Penne to Rotelle made the difference, I don’t know. I will be making this again, two cups of dry pasta, double the sauce.

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